Wine & Bar

Wine & Bar

Noel Wine & Bar

We approach beverages with the same attention and passion as our food. Guests can indulge in premium cocktails and carefully selected wines, enhancing their gastronomic journey at Noel bar.

Savor our homemade kombucha, a refreshing blend of natural ingredients. Experience our unique tea pairings, harmonizing flavors with every dish. Explore our meticulously curated cocktail list, crafted to perfection for the ultimate drinking experience.

From the first pour to the final lingering note, our sommeliers will take you through the vineyards, offering a taste of the extraordinary. Every selection is a testament to their discerning palate, making each meal a masterpiece.

Step into the world of liquid poetry where each bottle tells a story, and each sip is a revelation.

Noel is a place of experience. NO/thing/ EL/se/