Noel Team

Ivan Jug

Restaurant Manager & Sommelier

Ivan Jug is an ASI International Sommelier. his favorite part of his job is the opportunity to interact with guests and predict what they would like to taste from Noel’s wine cellar. This gives me a sure dose of adrenaline – an effort to find the perfect match between the food, drinks and lusts of our guests.

The most common method he uses in pairing wine with food is traditional and is based on learned principles and pairing according to eminent specifics – a tendency to sweetness or a nice fat that goes well with freshness and minerality.

Here at Noel we love artisanal teas that we get directly from Japan (like Sencha, Gyokuro) or the best Taiwanese Oolongs and black Chinese teas. We combine food with all of them. As well, I’m a certified sommelier for sake and for demanding dishes which I like to spice up with some sake. These are unrivalled adventures that we want to bolster our guests with at Noel in Zagreb.

Bruno Vokal


Bruno Vokal is one of Croatia’s best and most talented young chefs. Even though he is only 27 years old, Bruno has an impressive biography to boast about and where you can view how he runs the kitchen of the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Zagreb.

He has stated that he has always wanted to be a chef. Everyday life, like going to the market, gives him inspiration. The base of every dish is pure food. In his mind, he contemplates how to incorporate various ideas and complex techniques. Noel’s culinary team reaches each dish slowly, and the goal is to come up with an exceptional experience on a plate.


Karlo Ferenčak

Bar Manager

Karlo Ferenčak took over Noel’s bar when he was only 19 years old. His signature cocktail list reveals a passion for spices and teas and constantly goes after Noel’s current menu so guests can pair cocktails with food. His enthusiasm is visible in his individual approach towards guests. In inventing his cocktails he aspires to reach a natural balance of ingredients he uses. Karlo time after time finds revelation in teas that delight him because of the serenity they constitute, the citrus and floral notes that he loves and the fullness of taste.