With a focus on shaping a memorable experience in Noel, we are dedicated to high gastronomy in which the main role is played by local seasonal ingredients, to which we apply top culinary techniques. Passion, effort, experience and enthusiasm have led us to the first Michelin star in the history of the City of Zagreb, whose proud owners we have been since 2019.


The same approach has been devoted to Noel Bar and Noel Bread & Deli shop which will be opening soon since we want every single product we sign to be total bliss.


Noel is a place of experience.


NO/thing EL/se/

Each dish – an artwork

Chef Vocal has a specific feel for nuances of taste and texture, and is a master of detail and elegance

We get Sencha and Gyokuro teas directly from Japan and they pair wonderfully with our menu

Sake is a world unto itself, and our certified sake sommelier loves pairing them with complex dishes