Idea behind the Noel weekly menus is to provide our guests with a fine dining experience during the lunch break. Our weekly menus offer light version of our a la carte cuisine: fresh seasonal ingredients, creative food and great value for money.

Our culinary team prepares each week new menu which consists of three courses. Guests can choose between three options for each course.

Reservations for Weekly menu are accepted from 12:00AM to 04:00PM

Price per person for a three course menu – 190 kn

Goran Kočiš has gained his experience and knowledge by working at top, award-winning restaurants. His culinary principle is based on pushing the boundaries of contemporary cooking by combining innovative culinary techniques with dominant local and seasonal ingredients. When he’s not in the kitchen, where he’s doing his best to extract the multilayered flavors from each and every ingredient, Goran is continuously searching for top-quality ingredients, regularly including rare foodstuffs produced by smaller but better-quality producers in the region.

Weekly menu



1. Tomato soup / parmesan / foccacia
2. Adriatic tuna confit / watermelon / dashi
3. Roast beef / waldorf / walnut


1. Veal liver / polenta / blue cheese
2. Homemade fagotini / shrimps / parsley / lemon
3. Vegetable quiche / salad / sourdough chips


1. Peach / laurel / goat cheese
2. Chocolate variation
3. Cheese plate / nuts


240 HRK

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