In never ending quest for superb and organic ingredients, the cuisine of Mario Mandarić is based on traditional recipes which are interpreted on extremely modern way. It is a melting pot of unusual flavors from memories turned into seasonal gastronomic poetry.

Mario Mandarić is modern and creative chef whose culinary signature was marked by discoveries of unusual kitchens of the world. From Thailand to England, where he worked in The Fat Duck of Heston Blumenthal, Mandarić tries to adapt those techniques by using traditional and local ingredients. Inspired by historical recipes, culinary style is focused on unusual and rare ingredients of high quality, which are served in modern way.



Tuna / Sea grapes / Flax crecker

Risotto herbs / Sweetbreads / Pear

Adriatic fish / Potato / Almond / Olives

Chocolate / Raspberry / Mint

Petit four

Price per person
650 HRK

Wine pairing
320 HRK

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