Noel bar is one of the focal gathering points. To some, it’s their favorite spot because we equipped the bar with a large number of rare drinks and distillates from which we make made to measure cocktails. The bar manager is Karlo Ferenčak who is considered to be a cocktail magician. The philosophy of cocktail making is intuition, improvisation, and big passion. He is not afraid to combine unusual ingredients and turn them into a cocktail paired with food. 

Except for cocktail, rare drinks, and distillates, our bar has extraordinary teas coming from Asia. Teas are an important element of our culture in which we invest our resources. 

In the end, we are among few with the offer of sake drinks and having sake sommelier.

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With cocktails, rare drinks, teas and sake, we want to make our bar as a popular place of gatherings and nice emotions.