The seasonal offer of dishes with superior and carefully chosen local and organic raw materials in authorship interpretation of the chef Bruno Vokal. The cuisine of Bruno Vokal brings selectively chosen offer, from traditional dishes with a contemporary twist to refined seasonal courses. The four-course tasting menu is carrying a Michelin star and is imagined to represent fine dining with our signature.

Bruno vokal

Chef Bruno Vokal presents you the menu


Amuse bouche

Goat whey jelly / cucumbers / Cocktail Pod

Crab / apple / celery / lime

Mussels / tomato / vanilla

Root vegetables / almond / mushroom essence

Bread / butter

White fish / cuttlefish / beans / potato salad


Olive oil / eucalyptus

White fish / cuttlefish / beans / potato salad

Petit four / Cold tea infusion

Cheese suplemente – 60,00 kn / 9,00 eur
Price per person – 590,00 kn / 80,00 eur
Pairing with wines – 240,00 / 33,00 eur