Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna, the raw material that arouses respect

We are very proud of the raw materials that are prepared by our chef, Goran Kočiš, and in particular, one of them is bluefin tuna that comes from the depths of Adriatic and is among one of the most precious gastro materials in general. In Croatia, only a few kitchens could source the raw material of this quality because the vast majority is exported to praised Japanese restaurants, and exactly that makes us proud, the very fact of serving the wild Adriatic tuna from our kitchen.

With quality always at the forefront of our philosophy, we use the meat from three positions, while each one has its own characteristics;

With big respect toward her, we will always use tuna on our menus, whether in tastings or weekly ones, while it is especially accentuated as a starter in tasting menu where it is served the most precious raw part of the meat. We hope you will love it because it is a pride that we can serve it to you.

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